Makes Me Happy Monday: Steel Gray Walls

Joy’s room was the first to be painted when we moved into our home around ten years ago. The pink and orange were bright and cheerful like her bubbly personality. I edged the ceiling with words that fit her well.

But, a few years ago, she began asking to paint her room. The teenager needed to leave behind the gingham and primary colors.
She wanted something a little more mature and a lot less girly.

Cutting out the walls

Finding the time to move or cover all of her furniture and clean her baseboards and walls before painting  seemed daunting on top of all of “regular life.”  This job would include painting a light blue ceiling (twice) and also painting the walls.

I told her she could wait until I had a full week to dedicate to it …
or I’d buy the paint and she could tackle it on her own.
I knew she is certainly meticulous enough to do the job well.

Edging the ceiling fan

She chose to take the challenge of doing the job by herself.
I bought her the paint this summer and showed her what to do .

From pink & orange to gray

Almost three days in, she admitted that this was taking a LOT longer than she had expected. But, she worked on it carefully and consistently.

oh the mess

I was insistent that being careful would pay off. Making messes like this would add work on the “clean up” at the rear. She made a few drippy messes,  but cleaned up behind herself well.

Today, the ceiling is a beautiful, crisp white.

white ceiling

The edges of the room are well-defined. She did a great job on trimming out the ceiling, windows and doors.

And the Sharknado, Slash and The Ramones posters are all back up on the wall.
Honestly, they look much better up against the dark gray background.

Sharknado & Robert Downey Jr

I love her no-frills, minimalistic decorating style.  She has a closet that is sparsely full, by choice. She has a bookshelf with a turntable and a few guitars that sit out and are used often. Her bedside table is an antique wooden, child’s chair. I can’t seem to talk her into bringing her mattress and box springs up off the floor. Oh well! We choose the battles we fight, don’t we? This isn’t one I’m willing to wage a war over.

light and shadow

Walking past her open door makes me miss her during the day. As always, My homeschooling-Mama’s heart will yearn for my kids to be at home learning, living and growing. But, even in her absence, the sight of her room … decorated and painted in a way that pleases her …. brings me comfort and joy.

Guitars, skateboards & steel gray walls

New paint on old walls
makes me very happy today and every day.

What makes YOU happy this Marvelous Monday Morning?


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