Chest of Drawers

I have a little set of drawers that I’ve used in my bedroom and later in my art space. It’s a perfect size for table-top storage and had six great little drawers.

But, it was plain light oak wood and I wanted to spruce it up.

So, I added doodling on the drawer ends. I used an old Stampin’ Up! stamp as a guide then filled in loosely with some paint.

Doodling on drawers
I decoupaged the inside of each drawer for interest.

Paper decoupage
I painted the entire outside of the chest with several coats and colors of paint.

But, it still seemed lackluster.

Adding paper to the front of each drawer pulled everything together.

Paper on drawer fronts

Waiting for everything to dry well seemed to take forever.

Drawers drying
But, eventually I was able to put the knobs back on the drawers and then reassemble everything.

The completed project

The thing that I’m learning
as I move through these days
is that
doing what I love (creating)
gives me energy and motivation.
When I find myself stuck and overwhelmed
or exhausted from doing “daily life,”
sitting down to do something creative refreshes my day
and gives me enthusiasm to return to the “required” life stuff.

So, today, as we come to the close of a busy week of preparation and celebration,
I encourage you to take a little bit of time for yourself.
Figure out what gives you energy and refreshes your spirit
and do that.
Paint, sew, knit, write, sing, play an instrument or bake ….
only you know what creative activity really feeds your soul.
Figure out what that activity might be and do that.
It’s not selfish …  it’s self-care.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.

Doodling on the edges of drawers

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