Makes Me Happy Monday: Wings

I bought an angel at a yard sale few years ago. She was about 10-12” tall. She looked very folky with her patchwork, gingham style wide skirt and rich colors. She had a good bit of blue on her … which made her hard to view (I don’t like the color blue) … but there was something so compelling about her stance, her gaze and the sweet avian friends that perched in her palms.

I tried to tone down her bold, folk colors so the blue didn’t irritate me as much. I gave her a white wash with a diluted ivory paint. But, she was still too bright.

I tried her on my mantle this year, but I still didn’t fully adore her.
I am making a conscious decision to purge and cull everything
– yes … everything –
that I don’t absolutely love – clothing, furniture, kitchen ware and decorations.
As the weeks passed, I knew … I needed to let her go.
I was ready to make the move to pass her beauty along to a new home
but conflicted
because I was so drawn to her wings and those sweet, bantam birds.

So, I wondered if I could pop them off cleanly?
Would a screwdriver in the right position
gently twisted just the right way
remove each item from the her body?

I tried the still bird first.
She came off clean.
Then the bird taking flight.
Another clean break.
The wings, I feared, might not be as easy, but I tried.
They, too, came off without snapping in two.

I covered all the blue in burnt sienna,
and freshened up the burgundy and green on the wings.
These three symbols of flight are now sitting on my art table.

Birds & wings

Oddly enough, I noticed that they fit the mood and style
of a tiny framed print that sits on a miniature easel
as if they chosen to be displayed together.
I look at them and wonder why I am so drawn to them.

Look at those sweet fowl.
Aren’t they precious?


All three angel relics have beautiful shape and decoration. 
They are soft and muted … as if they visually whisper.
They are calming and soothing to view.

Taking flight

This world is absolutely chock full of beautiful …
but I am making the conscious decision to rid my life of the extra.
If I don’t LOVE it, it goes.

I need calm. I yearn for peace. I want soothing earth tones that remind me
of mountains and leaves, rocks and trees and pure, rich earth.
This pair of wings and these two bitty birds
make my heart soar with joy.
They make me happy. 

What about you?
What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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