Breathing & Messages from God

As far back as 2009 when I first bought these “breathe” socks
and then shared them as a Makes Me Happy Monday  post,
God was reminding me to slow down and take a deep breath.

My Happy Breathe Socks

My friend Linda came not too long ago.  I was gathering things together for a yard sale when she was here. She spied my “breathe in – breathe out” coffee cup and I found myself easily able to explain that I didn’t need it any more. I don’t need the reminder. I’m okay now.My Breathe in - Breathe out mug
But, evidently I do need the reminder.

Kelly Rae Roberts Reminder to Breathe
Because God keeps reminding me ….

Breathing reminder from GRU Health
over and over again …..
Inside the book Raw Survival
It continues.

My friend, Heather,  tells me these c.r.a.z.y stories about seeing messages on license plates. I remember a story about how she was really struggling to keep her four active kids entertained in the summer heat.  She’s a single mom on funds that are very limited. She had an above ground pool that her kids thoroughly enjoyed … but she needed a new filter for the pool and had no money to buy one. She found herself crying out to God in frustration as she ran errands. In her wonderfully honest, bare and authentic way, she was fussing and crying and driving and sobbing and praying about all of life’s current crazy including the need for a pool filter … when a car passed her with a license plate that said “FILTER1.”
That was only ONE of the car tags that she saw that night
with words or phrases that specifically fit her life and situation
and the prayers she prayed as she drove along the road, chatting with and crying out to God.

I laugh and send her pictures of license plates that I see. They say things like this ….

Great plate.
but …. errr….
I don’t hear a personal message though.

And that reminded me how a.w.e.s.o.m.e God is
in that He speaks to us in a way that we know is for us.
He speaks in a way that we understand.
He says what we need to hear when we need to hear it
in a voice that we can hear.

So, I’m watching and listening.
And the message God keeps putting in front of me
remains the same ;
I see it in ads, on coffee cups, in memes that are shared with me on Facebook and sent to me directly.
I see it on t-shirts and billboards.

I see it in print …
but have yet to read the word breathe on a license plate. haha

Just Breathe

How does God speak to you? Through license plates? Repetitive symbols?
Words? Billboards? Radio? Children? Books?  


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