Makes Me Happy Monday : Vintage Bottles

I love things that are old.
And I adore these vintage bottles. 

Vintage Bottles

I got the idea to place my bottles together on a tray through this pin  which links to this webpage by Kristin at Yellow Bliss Road.

My bottles are mostly finds. I went exploring in an area that was a dump ancient eons ago. I was in high school with a family friend. In fact, the friend was the brother to my friend Rusty who died just a few years ago.  Robin went on to study archeology and then art and is now a potter. He is a fabulously talented man. And he was the one who took me on the dig that unearthed several of these bottles over 30 years ago.

These bottles … some still caked with remnants of earthen history …. sit on the round table that sits in my bay window.

Some days the sun floods in and they glisten in the light.
And some days they sit in shadows.
Vintage Bottles

No matter the day, if I am seated near, I pick them up and re-inspect … wondering about history and stories and what liquid they once held.

And no matter the day, they simply bring me joy.
They are a pleasure to behold.

My arrangement of vintage bottles nestled in a tiny silver tray
bring me joy!
How about you?
Something small? Something common?
Something HUGE? Something sentimental?
What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?


2 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Vintage Bottles

  1. I have a collection of antique glass bottles…mostly green glass…on my bathroom windowsill. My dad collected them when he first bought his farm in 1953, (most were dug out of the ground during improvements and an addition to the old farmhouse) and they were stored in 5-gallon buckets in his barn loft! It was like a treasure hunt when I went through them to choose the ones I wanted. Looking at them sparkling in the sunshine makes me happy, too. 🙂


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