Makes Me Happy Monday : Wild Flowers

Planned, tended gardens are beautiful.
But, there is something so lovely about the surprise of wildflowers.
When you least expect it, you round a bend of a meandering path
and find the surprise of blooming joy.

There are those plants that spring from seeds
that find a way to spread their roots into the impossible …
the rocky, solid and difficult to penetrate
and they bloom bold color and vivid greenery.
They defy what looks natural
by offering joy in the most unlikely of places.

I love their surprise and adaptability.
I love their haphazard presence … a few here ….
and then several hundred there.

The roadside near my campsite this weekend was fully peppered with spots of yellow.
Dozens of blooms buzzed with insects and blew in the gentle evening breeze.

Wild flowers at Victoria Bryant State Park

I was so happy to see them …
these stems and petals, stamens and pistils, blossoms and buds
reminding me of the beauty of life
available for us to soak in
when we slow down enough to see it.
We must look for it. Hunt for it.
Make time for it. A little Black eyed Susan? There is such great peace found in wild simplicity ….
allowing yourself to become rooted even when it takes a little extra effort.
There is great joy that comes from doing what you’re born to do.
Like the wildflower, we have a Great Husbandman who will tend us and care for us
like no other can do.
The beauty of being alone is relying on Him
to be our caretaker and provider.

Remembering the gorgeous wildflowers from my weekend
makes me so very happy today.
What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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