Painted Boots – I’m ready for Fall!

Back a year and a half ago when Glory was downsizing and cleaning things out, she let me pull a wallet out of her Goodwill donation pile. I wanted to try my hand at painting patterns on leather.

Click over here and you can see the finished product on my Instagram feed.

I’ve been really pleased with how well the leather has held the paint …
sooooo … I wanted to try my hand at a pair of boots.

You can click over here to see this awesome pair of boots that I picked up back a few months ago. They’re Bedstu brand so they should last forever and a day. I bought them with the intention of following through on my paint challenge.

I wanted to show you these because I’m so excited!
BedStu handpainted boots

Like most of my pattern projects, I wanted a different pattern and color combination on each area.

BedStu handpainted boots

So, colors are similar but patterns don’t repeat anywhere.

BedStu handpainted boots BedStu handpainted boots

I love the little flowers that are hiding on the boot tongue. BedStu handpainted boots - detail

I think I’ll polish them often to protect the paint. I’m hoping they’ll hold up well!

BedStu handpainted boots

I’ve  made some major wardrobe changes this year and now only wear my browns and autumn colors in the fall and winter. Finishing these boots makes me look forward to the change from my black and white summer clothes to autumn!!

BedStu handpainted boots

I used basic acrylic paint like I use on painting any canvas. I applied the paint to a clean surface. And I just free-handed the patterns as I moved around the boots.

BedStu handpainted boots

I don’t mind telling you I’m pretty excited about these!

Have you ever tried painting on leather? Do you have any suggestions to offer?

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Painted Boots – I’m ready for Fall!

  1. Love, love, LOVE THE BOOTS! I have a couple of pairs of shoes tucked away to someday paint, but I can never seem to get the courage to do it. Kudos to your adventurous spirit! I also have an awesome pair of knee-high leather boots that I want to cut apart and refashion into mid-calf boots. I’m on more solid ground when it comes to sewing than painting…maybe that’s a better place to start.


    1. If they’re tucked away … then you aren’t wearing them. Better to adventure out and try it than let them sit someplace in the dark. Do it, Jody! Try it! If you feel more comfortable with sewing, then start there. I’d love to see a pic!


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