Makes Me Happy Monday : Starlings

One day, I hope to see a murmuration of starlings like THIS!!

But, for now … I am simply happy to come across a flock of birds
dining together,
traveling together,
perching together.

I’m not sure if these birds are starlings, grackles or black birds. 
I wasn’t close enough to be able to figure them out.
What I do know, is I love to watch flocks of birds interact with each other.

#birdsonawire Starlings

I love how they perch on wires with the majority of the birds equidistant apart.
They’re much like people, I guess.
They have a comfort bubble when it comes to personal space?

#birdsonawire Starlings

I relish spring when Robins flock together
and when Canada Geese return
flying in a V across crisp blue skies.

And I enjoy watching flocks of birds in the fall
as they rest together
in preparation for flight.

#birdsonawire Starlings

Flocks of birds
and approaching fall bring me joy
as we close out the month of August.

What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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