Makes Me Happy Monday : Tiny Creatures

Potato Beetle

Isn’t there something fascinating about tiny critters?
Insects with their beautifully marked, delicate wings
and intricately adorned abdomens are enthralling to me.Praying Mantis

Mini versions of captivating creatures make them even more interesting.
Look at this gorgeous Praying Mantis! Could he possibly BE any cuter?

Green Lynx Spider hidingAnd LOOK at the hairs on the legs of this spider! Isn’t he amazing?

Gorgeous slug

Even though many people shudder at the sight of a slug,
I think they’re intriguing and charming.

I tend to prefer a macro perspective … living life looking close at the little details
of creation, artwork, food, fabric, people … and even problems.
When we look closely, we can figure out the “why” and the “how.”
When we examine closely, we can uncover design elements
and purpose for operation.
When we inspect, we can more easily detect
motive which often allows us to be more empathetic.

I love animals of all kinds,
but I especially love the tiny creatures
that creep, crawl, fly, slither and hop across this earth.

Tiny creatures make me happy today.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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