Makes Me Happy Monday : Play

Do you play often? Do you play “well?”
I don’t really do either.
I have to make myself play.

In my head, I hear those voices that remind me
there are jobs to finish, things to do … tasks to complete.
Somehow … for some reason ….
washing the dishes is of more value than crafting a card,
vacuuming carries more weight than painting on canvas,
and working for an hourly wage is more valid
than crafting for a by-the-piece income.

So, I have to MAKE myself stop and play.
I have to MAKE myself exercise or paint or create.

I made time for that this weekend.
For several years, I have had an idea for a way to embellish a pillow.
The pillow was a cast off from Glory before she moved away.
She left two behind. I took the covers off and washed them … and I stalled.

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled out my scraps

Woven pillow embellishing - gathering fabrics

and quickly ironed and cut strips
then wove them together and pinned them in place.
Woven pillow embellishing - sewing into place

I used my machine to run back and forth to hold each strip in place.

Woven pillow embellishing

And now I’m in the process of pinning the finished woven mat onto the pillow.
I should be able to finish this project today or tomorrow.
And I’m just thrilled.

This will be one more unfinished project I can check off my List-of-things-I-have-wanted-to-create. It will be one more item I can pull off the to-craft pile. But, so much more than that, it will be one small investment in time spent well to make me happy. This project was an investment in my well-being. This is important … just as important as washing dishes, vacuuming or working for income.

I’ll post a follow-up, finished-product photo on Instagram later and add the link below.

Making time to play, craft and create makes me terribly happy.
What about you? What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?

7 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Play

      1. Isn’t this tragic? I guess everyone has picked this up from individual sources, but oh the travesty of guilt it creates! Have you ever heard a scientist say he feels guilty for spending time researching his passion? Do mathematicians think “I should be doing something worthwhile?” I’ve not heard of this. I rarely even hear men say “I shouldn’t be ______.” But, oh …. we women take on that idea and let guilt eat us. I’m finished with this! I was built to create and I’m not going to feel guilty for doing what my mind and soul were crafted to do.


  1. Please keep reminding me that it is ok to be selfish and create or craft just for the sheer joy of it. I am retired but still feel guilty about “wasting” time on things I do for pure pleasure.


    1. Oh my! justjems4you, I know where you’re coming from. Here is a perspective for us to work into our hearts;
      Should we feel selfish when we take the time to make yourselves take medicine that our body needs to become healthy?
      Of course not. It’s important to our well-being. Self-care is not selfish.
      Should we feel selfish when we make the time to exercise to make your body stronger?
      No. We know that exercise is important to our physical health. This is self-care!
      Should we feel selfish for the extra time it takes to cook healthy food rather than eating trash food?
      No. Because we know that it’s better for our bodies. This, too, is self-care, not selfish.
      Should we feel selfish when you go to sleep at a decent hour so your bodies can have the rest needed?
      No. Because, this not selfish … it is self-care.
      Then WHY do we rationalize that it is selfish when we do what our soul, our spirit and our mind
      enjoy, thrive upon and become energized by?
      These things are not selfish, they are self-stimulating, self-healing and self-invigorating.
      They feed us and make us stronger, healthier and more happy!
      We need to eradicate the word selfish from our self-description when it comes to creating.
      Let’s not feel guilty for doing what we love to do and long for …
      what is an intrinsic part of our being!
      justjems4you, thanks for reading! Be encouraged! Be creative! Enjoy your gifts!


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