Makes Me Happy Monday : “Weird” Gifts

When the children were younger, Christmas gifts were more plentiful … but money was, as well. Now that I’m a single mom, I’ve had to make some major changes. And like so many things that come with divorce, these forced changes
have proven to be very, very good.

My two oldest children are adults on their own and my youngest is working now and making a wage. So, the biggest change we’ve made in gift giving is that we now draw names for gifts. Each person draws one name and we focus on creating a special gift for the person that we choose. My oldest received a huge stash of socks, boxers, t-shirts and pajamas for Christmas. They were deeply and enthusiastically appreciated because they were thoughtful to his needs and desires. My youngest got an amazing jacket that has been on the wish list for several years. It is a perfect fit and was excitedly received. My gift will be a tattoo that I’ll be getting after the start of the year. Rather than having no gifts to open, Glory gave me a few smaller items, too.

Our sweet little tree with a few, carefully chosen gifts beneath

Glory went to Final Cut to shop. Final Cut is a dumping-ground, so to speak. I say that with the idea of a grand, exciting treasure hunt in mind.

It is a huge store full of boxes and piles of home decor, rugs, kitchen accessories, jewelry, shoes/boots, furniture, clothing, bedding and window treatments. All these items come from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People and BHLDN. My understanding is that some things are overstock, some are from runway shows, some are from store displays and some are clothes that were being fitted and altered before mass production. But … all are at excellent prices!!

And Final Cut is the only store of its kind on the east coast. I don’t know if there is anything like it in other parts of the US, but it’s the only one like here in the east. I’m SO excited we have it here … I love to shop there! You are guaranteed to find something interesting … if you have the time to dig.

If you know anything about the stores that supply Final cut,
you know their items are unusual.
So …. Glory said, as she was out shopping
she decided to head to Final Cut to “look for weird stuff.”

And she bought me this incredible plate.
Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s green
(“autumn” is my favorite color … but any shade of green is my favoritest).
It is clay (my favorite dish type).
And it looks organic and natural *swoon.*

It reminds me of a lily pad.
Lily Pad plate

But, when it is stacked
it reminds me of a leaf of cabbage.
Cabbage plate

It is stunning to me.
And Glory knew me well enough to know that
I would love it.

She also bought this little metal grid. She said
“I don’t know what you’ll do with it, but I know it’ll be neat.
Use it in art. Or hang it like an ornament. Or do whatever you want.
I just knew you’d like it.”

One of my "weird" gifts - a 3x3 metal grid

And I do! I love it.
Right now, it’s on a wooden crate with other things I adore
so I can look at it all the time
until I decide how to work it into a piece of artwork.

I think I’ve done well when I have been able to impress upon my children
that gift giving … like so many things in life …. isn’t about you and your likes and your desires …
it’s about the recipient.
To love on someone else,
we must figure out what they need to feel loved and seen.
Do they need to be heard? Touched? Receive a physical gift?
A letter? An act of service  … like a dirty job they keep procrastinating?
We all receive love with the most ease
when the gift given speaks to our heart, our soul, our spirit … our needs. 
My daughter knows me well and she “sees” me for who I am
so she gave me unusual gifts
that she knew would bless me.

I am so thankful for”weird” gifts this Christmas
and children who can see and understand what others need to feel accepted and loved.

Yes, weird gifts make me happy as I look back our Christmas.
What about you? What gift did you give or receive that made you happy this year?

One thought on “Makes Me Happy Monday : “Weird” Gifts

  1. Cool plate! I can see why she thought you would love it. I agree about the handmade, thoughtful gift. M & S sent me the most wonderful, hand-painted globe that fits perfectly in my funky beach bedroom. My creative juices have lain dormant a long time. I’m hoping that my gift-giving in 2016 will be much more personal and creative.


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