Makes Me Happy Monday ; Little things

This has been one of my favorite pieces of artwork for a while. I wish I could read the artist’s name in the far left-hand corner. I love the font. I love the little branches. And  I adore the saying.

And … oh my … the truth.

I remember being super-excited about some trip that was planned in the past. Maybe it was my family trip to Disney? I don’t remember. What I DO remember … is looking back on the trip and thinking how it wasn’t quite what I had built it up to be in my head before I left.

That was when a shift began in my attitude about events, relationships and life.

I began to realize that
the new car ….
the trip to that destination ….
or the healing of a certain relationship
WASN’T going to make EVERYthing better.
Truly, it wasn’t the BIG things that could change my life and my happiness ….

it was the little things.

And more specifically, it was attitude ABOUT the little things.

So, I began to focus on the small stuff …
and notice the little joys
and revel in the tiny beauty
all around.

Today ….
it is the crisp of fall in the air
a compliment from a stranger
or sight of beautiful symmetry in nature
that causes me to s.w.o.o.n.


These tiny mushrooms did just that for me this past week.

I was headed out for a run … stretching there on the sidewalk at the rehabilitation center where my father has been spending his days recovering from back surgery…. when I saw these sweet little friends standing tall in a flower bed, chilly but erect and supple in the damp soil.

I spoke out loud to God.
“Thank you, Lord. Yes. I see them. They are beautiful.”

I adore mushrooms.
And I was both tired physically and emotionally at the time.
And the sight of tiny mushrooms
brought to me a gentle peace and an new energy.


As with every Makes Me Happy Monday post …. it’s all about the small stuff.  We can wait for the major things to offer us some huge climax that we hold onto for months or years … but then we live our lives looking forward to what is to come and may never arrive …  or desperately clinging to the happiness in the past.  …..
OR ….
We can live our lives embracing the common and average in the every day.
We can look for and find the incredible wonder
in the friendliness of a dog
the intricacy of the veins of a leaf
or the relatable lyrics of a song.

It’s our choice really.

Today, mushrooms make me incredibly happy.

How about you? What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?



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