Makes Me Happy Monday: Hammock Resting

I have a hammock that I picked up a few years ago at a yard sale for three bucks. The person had recently purchased an Eno and didn’t need the older one. I was THRILLED to have it. I know Enos have a place – they are SO lightweight and fold up into such a compact size – but …. I’m not taking this one camping or hiking. I just wanted a hammock for resting, napping and in general lounging.

The home that I moved into around the time that I found this new hammock has several huge hardwood trees nearby. One of those makes the perfect canopy for my hammock. I make it a habit to “power nap” there almost daily I set the timer set for 35 minutes. I pet my cat for five and close my eyes for 30. It’s just enough rest to power me back up for the afternoon.

But, when I have guests over, someone must sit in a chair if we head outside. I most often insist that the other person sit in the hammock because it’s the best seat in the house.

But … then I’m not in a hammock. 😦

I didn’t want to buy a new hammock because they’re pricey.
After years of looking at my old one,
it occurred to me that ….
it is just made from sewn fabric.
I have fabric … and can sew!

So, I studied how my current hammock was designed and put together.
I mimicked the pattern …. but made it a tad larger and longer
so it would comfortably fit someone larger than me.

I’m so pleased how it turned out! It is strong and stable.
It has pattern and personality!
And it cost me less than $20.00 for hardware and rope.

So, as spring nears
and the days lengthen,
my new hammock has me tickled pink!

What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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