Makes Me Happy Monday: Pattern

Sometimes ….
I wonder about pattern
and WHY I am so drawn to it.

For me, it is the presence of multiple patterns
that I find fascinating and stimulating.

I love to strip a basket down to its metal frame
and then re-work the basket with fabric strips.

Bare basket

Woven basket

I often add decoration to the handles

Handle of fabric basket

and buttons or other embellishing objects to the body of the basket.

Woven fabric basket

On a recent morning, a current basket project was positioned in such a way that
the morning light filtered through it
like a stained glass window.

Light filtering through a fabric basket

As I studied the light illuminating these patterns
touching …. and even overlapping ….
I thought about the physical/spiritual parallels
in this image.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

I see multiple patterns (personalities)
stamped upon …. ingrained within …. (inseparable from)
the different fabrics (people).
These fabrics (souls)
are butted up against each other (living shoulder to shoulder)
some overlapping (immersed in the life of the one next to us)
and some just barely touching (physically close but emotionally distant
from even the person of closest proximity).
Each strip of fabric has a distinct pattern (character, life experience, gifts and struggles)
that may or may not be visually stimulating to those close-by (maybe the person doesn’t fit society’s idea of beauty or femininity/masculinity or talent or wealth)
but that strip still has an important role in the framework of the woven basket (we all have a place in this world … a space to fill … a job to do. When we are not “in place,” our presence is missed and there is a noticeable void).
And in the darkness, we still serve a purpose ….
but – Oh My!! – when we position ourselves just right
we will find that we nearly GLOW from the Light
so that our patterns, colors and purpose
are illuminated and simply marvelous to view!!

As you start your week,
I pray you are able to see the beauty of the patterns around you
… in creation
…. in people
… and in situations.
Position yourself to see the Light … to experience it.
May your week be full of the awareness of beauty.

Patterns make me happy today (and every day).
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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