I don’t trust myself

I’ve mentioned before that my skin is dry … v.e.r.y dry. As winter settles in and the humidity in our southern air is completely nonexistent, my skin has returned to its hibernation mode. I work hard to stay supple. But, my efforts can only be so successful. I am working against nature. As I bathed this […]

I don’t like infants or babies

As a group ….. I don’t especially like preschoolers. Middlers schoolers aren’t my favorite. I don’t like high schoolers at all. I’m not really drawn to many adults. But, I dislike babies and infants most. I’ve always felt sort of like Fannee Doolee* (defined below) when it comes to people. It’s just been recently that […]

just be yourself

The last few years have been SO good for me. God has certainly taught me lesson upon lesson upon lesson. One of the hardest to learn has been to be okay with being myself. To be myself means being okay with not being liked by everybody. I’ve always been a people-pleasing, people-loving people-person. For me, […]

No more fear?

About two weeks ago, I realized that I hadn’t felt fear in at least ten days. This was huge …. to the point that I stopped in my tracks and stood there on the deck …. dumbfounded. This ^ …. is me …. paralyzed with fear in March of 2011. I was TIRED of waiting […]

Surprised by my own words

I listen to stories of friends. They tell me of altercations with husbands, lovers, strangers who speak into their lives as if they have authority …. when they don’t know “the whole story.” And these friends use wisdom and they defend themselves. They offer quick replies and stand up for what they believe in. They […]


At one point this summer, I found myself in a friendship that began to get … wonky on me. I try so hard to just “be myself,” but for some awesome, insane, driven, demented reason when it comes to MALE friendships, I just try too damned hard in some areas. Yes, “damned” … because my […]

Love Notes and Messages

When I make someone a card, I add a little something extra. I embellish. The card will have an extra layer or some added texture … a jute bow or several snips of coordinating ribbon. There might be a sprinkle of glitter or an image stamped inside rather than just on the outside of the […]