Boyfriend Wisdom

Back in March, I was reading through some old emails I had written to Stone. In one particular email, I was pining for him. It was more prose than a letter. I found my eyes tracking slowly with a saddened surprise … as I read my own words. Stone and I were reunited as friends […]

My friend Stone

I don’t remember him in junior high when I first moved to Thomasville. It was around the middle of my eighth grade year that we moved to town .. my dad accepting a managerial job within the Social Security Administration office there in the quaint, quiet, small town. We moved to get away from the […]


The deep azure of the of the water bled right into the dark sapphire sky textured with clouds waiting to pour out their glory. Soon we would find ourselves taking cover under a pavilion, still in chilly, damp swim suits with violent pops of electric summer lightning touching down all around us … the wind […]

Standard of Beauty

I couldn’t understand it … at first. I’m fairly sure we contacted at least fifty to sixty people from our college days to invite them to join us for a get together at Lake Lanier. In the end, we had six guys show up … and three girls. These guys came to have dinner with […]


the word seemed to keep circling back around to the front of my mind through my travels and my fellowship this weekend at lake lanier with my sweet friends mary ann and karen and a few of our college friends. we think of rape as forced sexual relation. the stealing of a most precious privacy. […]

Coffee & Conversation

Sunday morning began here. We probably invited at least fifty people. Prior commitments and conflicts prevented many from coming. Emotions and insecurities prevented others. Mary Ann and I have maintained a college- rooted friendship for twenty eight years. She and Karen and I have gone on many a “girls beach trip.” My best friend from […]