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 If I was to write a book, it most certainly would be called, May I ask you a question? I think Benjamin Bloom was brilliant.  I love Bloom’s Taxonomy. I love to ask questions. Asking questions is the best way to learn. I want to know more…. about the world around me, my God, the people I meet and how things work. I want to understand.
I recently saw this quote … and liked it:
“A sudden bold and unexpected question
doth many times surprise a man and lay him open.” -Francis Bacon.
Oh, how I cherish a good question that cuts through the layers and challenges me to think.

So, this blog is just a little place where I ponder out loud. I’ve been here asking questions and sharing my story since 2008. I write, in part, to tell my story. I know how important it is to feel connected. When we share our own stories, others listen and realize that they aren’t alone. Maybe you’re like me? You’re a question asker? Or a nature cherisher? Or a singlemom?  Or a recovering hope addict? Read and share. I hope you find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.

I’m an early-twenties-attitude living life vicariously in a fifty-plus-year-old body. I live in Augusta, Ga with my youngest child and a aging, rescue kitty. My oldest offspring, my man/child, is an awesome guy with uber computer and car repair skills and great wisdom. He has left the nest and lives in Charleston, SC.  My middle child  is a flitting butterfly that loves people and has energy to spare. She is spending her days exploring and living in Raleigh, NC.  My youngest is contemplative, musical and excellent with words.

After twenty-five years of marriage that ended in 2010 against my fervent prayers, I have learned great lessons …. like there are some things that I just can’t “fix”  and that I am stronger, more creative, more able than I have ever been aware. And that we must place our “HOPE” in God alone, not in our idea of what God has for our lives.

After homeschooling my big kids (from K-12), the three of us spent a few years at a local technical college. I graduated in June of ’11 with a degree in Media Communications (offering a touch of many graphic design elements). All three of us are now busy trying to figure out what we want to be when we grow up. I haven’t yet figured out where I should pour my energy.  The thought of being paid for my contribution to society still struggles me (maybe that is a self-worth thing?). My youngest is enrolled  in  public school (a first for all of us) and we’re learning about forgiveness, bitterness and how important it is to be courageous and truthful and true to the person you are built to be – whether your others embrace your uniqueness or not.
I am a recovering PollyAnna/Hope Addict who now sees the world with a bit of a cynical eye … but that’s really a good thing because I have lived most of my life a tad too naive and trusting. Divorce has been a positive teacher for me in balance. It has helped me grow in my relationship with myself, others and my God.  And when it’s time, I’m ready to see my Savior’s face, touch His hands and hear His voice…face to face, for real! 
I love dirt. I love the texture of earth. I love the feel of soil. I love smell of a freshly plowed field. I love mushrooms, green peanuts and sweaty toddlers in the summer…. probably  because they smell like dirt.  And I love trees and leaves.  And rocks.  They all turn into dirt.  Scripture tells us that we are made from dirt and science confirms that we are, in fact, made up of the same elements.
My friend, Julie, used to say, “You can tell how much fun a child has had in a day by how dirty he is at the end  of it.”  This is another reason I love a toddler that smells like dirt.  A dirty child has had a blast-of-a-day.  I think kids should have lots of fun days.
My favorite color is …. “autumn” …. YES! Any color you see in fall …. amber, gold, burgundy, rust, mustard, olive, teal, taupe, mocha, chocolate and coffee browns …… and more!!!  My favorite food is – HANDS.DOWN – a Pumpkin Scone from Starbucks (available in fall/winter) and absolutely anything my  father has grilled. My *swoons*  favorite touch is that of someone laying their hands upon my body as they offer up words in prayer for me. My favorite smell is probably Pinesol … because it means someone has been cleaning something in the house. My favorite sight is a spontaneous smile. My favorite vacation spot is any state park at the beach, in the mountains or with hiking or biking trails. My favorite noise is the sound of a Wood Thrush  (click the link and listen. Really! She has a gorgeous song!) because I listened to them sing in the woods surrounding my home in College Park, Ga, as I played in the creek that ran through our property and in the woods in my yard throughout my childhood.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I hope you’ll stick around and read and invite your friends over for a visit. Subscribe, if you’d like. There is an icon for email subscription in the top right corner of the sidebar. I’d love for us to “talk.”  Please read and comment. Let’s converse and learn.
Blessings, peace and a big, warm {{{hug}}} to you,

10 thoughts on “– About me

    1. Yay! Glad you’re looking around. I have spent times of consistent blogging and then times of sabbatical. I love it when I consistently write, though!
      And the scones? *swoons* I have a recipe for them and I often make them at home. I’ll have to share it with you, if you’d like 😀



  1. Nice to hear your explanation for pinkamojeep. I thought it was pronounced pinka mo jeep – like maybe you are a rapper!


  2. You are awesome! I am glad we had the opportunity to shared the same space and exchange thoughts and ideas about our Lord and Savior today……….


  3. Karen – It’s interesting how the internet can keep on giving, even five years later….

    I am currently making a short video for Congaree National Park to celebrate their 40th anniversary this fall, and would very much like to quote your blog from April 25, 2011, if you allow.


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