Makes Me Happy Monday : My Sony Camera

My Sony CybershotI absolutely LOVE my camera.  It’s a tiny little rectangle that packs a versatile punch.  It can film video with sound and take an awesome photograph. This is my second Cybershot.  My first lasted for years and years until the shutter finally gave up it’s ability to open and close.  Rather than paying to have it fixed, I chose to invest in another camera.  After a good bit of shopping, I chose another Cybershot.

Let me mention here that there are several models of this camera, and the higher pixel rating isn’t the key factor in getting the best camera for your buck.  You need the Carl Zeiss lens.  The cameras with this kind of lens cost more, but it’s worth the extra money.  This camera is amazing!A Sony Close up

I have a really good 35mm camera with several great lenses… but it’s not digital. I use it on special occasions.

But I love my digital CS for everyday use.  I love that I can take as many photographs as I want, knowing that eventually one will be “the one” from any given photoshoot – whether it be of friends, foliage or frogs. It’s there and it’s ready …. well, as long as I keep it charged!

So, my camera lives in my purse.  I pull it out as often as I do my lipstick or keys.  I take pictures of nature, friends and billboards.  I snap shots of wrecks or unusual people. It is with me at the pool for July 4th and also at funerals and birthday parties.  I use it document the ordinary and the outlandish.  I really love my camera.

My little Sony Cybershot camera makes me very happy!
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

6 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : My Sony Camera

  1. are you kidding? 🙂 my camera makes me giddy!


    and you, my sweet, have many fabulous ones!
    i looked at some of my tucker belly the other day… that you took. beautiful


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