The Sensible Mustang

Sometime in mid-July, Glory and I had the “Car Discussion.”  I have to tell you that I was quite surprised by Glory’s wish list for her first car.

She said, “Mama, you know what kind of car I want?  I want a car with air conditioning, but I don’t want a stick shift.”  I was thankful for such humble desires.  She really doesn’t like to get sweaty before she arrives at any given destination and she struggles with the only stick she’s known; our truck.  It needs some work and doesn’t have the pick up that it would have if it worked to its full potential.  So, her desires were completely reasonable and practical.

I have to admit that my first thought was one of thankfulness that she wasn’t looking for something showy. However,  my second thought was, “Oh, no.  No stick means a free hand to text. I want you to have to shift gears and stay focused.”

I almost felt ashamed as I sat there and thought of my desires as a growing teen.  When I was sixteen, I wanted an MG Spider.  I was certainly all about being flashy and sporty.  At eighteen, this young lady of mine was practical and sensible.

Just a week or so after our conversation,  I traveled home to visit my parents. I stopped along the way to visit with several friends.

While enjoying a cup of coffee on the square in Bainbridge with my friend Linda, I brought up Glory’s determination to have a car of her own. She began her summer with saving in mind, having spent a good bit of the summer before squandering her money on movies, restaurants and entertainment.  She had learned a good lesson and was intent on saving her money to buy a car of her own.

My friend Linda looked up at me and stated, “What kind of car does she want?” I shared Glory’s meek desires and Linda said, “Well, Randy is trying to sell Will’s old car, but it’s a Red Mustang Convertible.”  The car had been their son’s first car when he turned 16.

Had Glory had her sites SET on such a prize, I would have never entertained the thought of her purchasing this car for a moment.  But, I couldn’t help but  be curious how this might play out.  Linda’s husband had been asking the Blue Book value for the vehicle.  I didn’t think Glory would be able to come up with that amount of money for quite a while.  Linda made the call to see how much Randy wanted for this treasure.  She shared that his greatest desire is simply that someone would care for the car and enjoy it.  THAT part would be no problem for Glory.

As long as the children could remember, they had been promised with help on the purchase of their first vehicle.  We would split the cost 50/50.  Glory would only need $1,750.00 to be able to buy this car …. a fairly easy feat for a hard worker like herself.  She had already stashed away several hundred dollars and knew this goal was within reach.

Glory was more determined to save every penny and sit behind the wheel of that sweet car as soon as possible.Glory in her new Mustang

Sight unseen, this girl saved.  She refrained from squandering away money on the useless.  She chose new clothes carefully.  She picked up extra shifts at work when she could.  Before the pool closed, she worked her summer job as a lifeguard and her hostessing job at a local restaurant.

This past Friday morning, we went to the bank and made that withdrawal.
We crawled into my brown grocery hauler and headed south.
What an exciting sight to see this hard-working, determined girl
with a modest desire and a sensible goal
crawl behind the wheel of that beautiful, sporty car
and take it for a test drive.

I stayed south over the weekend,
but she headed home.  She made the five hour trip back to Augusta with Ryan, who had joined us for the road trip.
She was excited and I was both proud of her and happy for her.

But the best part of all, was her attitude.
She had a simple desire
and God chose to richly bless her ….
truly beyond measure ….
beyond what she had even dreamed.

Her desire
and her gift
remind me again
that my keeping my desires
simple and practical
rather than flashy, worldly or prideful
please God
and give Him great room
to richly bless me
in ways that I can’t even imagine.
I picture Him so pleased to see us giddy.
Surely, He loves to see us filled with gratitude
for that which He has gifted us.

Oh, how I want to keep my eyes on Him
that my desire might be as humble a request as
air conditioning and no stick shift.

6 thoughts on “The Sensible Mustang

  1. this is a great story. i love how God is showing up in such fabulous ways to encourage your family. what a special thing this is- for all of you. and how encouraging for all of us too. 🙂 thank you for sharing this story karen.


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