Makes Me Happy Monday: Fall Circle of Color

There is this little patch of leaves that always draws my eye.
It sits fairly high in the canopy created by a group of trees in my backyard.

When I walk into my bedroom, I am drawn to the light
that filters through the window in the door that leads to my deck.

I find that I automatically look to this spot in the trees
as I near the door.

And I’ve realized that I gravitate to this little spot in the sky
because it is the first to indicate autumn’s arrival.

It’s a tiny little spot
that first turns burgundy, umber and blazes orange into my world.
When the rest of the world, less a few dogwoods that turn early, are still deciding whether to give in
to the shorter days and slower ways,
this spot in the treeline is quick to cry out
“Autumn is near!!”
It’s a comforting sight .. a colorful reminder that it’s time to settle in and be still.
The world is readying to rest.
The time draws near to relax, repose, rejuvenate.

The small circle in my sky
as seen out my backdoor window
Makes Me Happy.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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