Morning Wandering and Reflection

I stroll through the morning in the spring air
chilled to the low 40’s yet filled with powdery, yellow evidence of awakening life.
I see natural images that remind me of

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

Our paths are strewn with dregs from past mistakes
yet some will blame others for not clearing the way
and making their walk easy. Path strewn with rubbish

our view is filled with obstacles, damage, ruin.

Left over damage

Some will walk through life searching through clover
wondering why others find the lucky four-leaf beauty …
but all they see in their own life is the common, three-leaf variety.


While new life springs forth,
some will find themselves stepping on the prickles of
last year’s mistakes.

Sweet Gum Balls & New Growth

They hold onto those old brown pods  …
as their souls naturally sprout the fresh growth
as the days grow longer and the sun more bright.
“Let go,” cries the wind. But they cling.

Sweet Gum & new growth

Some will come along
and cut down the healthy and strong …
the growing  that is full of life and possibility ….

Beaver toilsWe see the damage .

Beaver work

It is hard to watch them walk away
and leave that broken and wasted behind.Beaver damage
Life lost … relationship broken … for naught.

In the end, that waste can be used for some good.
It can fuel other life.
It can nourish other growth.

New life being nourished in deathWe can take the bitterness or injury that spews from others
and use it in our own lives
to help us grow in empathy, compassion and understanding.
We can even offer it back as a sacrifice to those that first offended.
But, this doesn’t ease the pain of the original loss.
It only helps us to heal
and is an indicator of our own growth.
Left over damage

Look closely.
Our thoughts, words and actions
are a natural reflection of
the condition of our inner spirit.

Reflection We don’t see things as they are;
we see things as we are.  – Anais Nin

May we all strive to see others with grace and mercy.
May we use the broken in our lives to nourish our empathy towards others.
May we be pleased to be surrounded by the common,
and easily let go of the old,
that we can nourish and foster new growth.

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