Sewing Machine Cover

Some sewing machine cabinets are designed to function as a small table. The machine drops down inside the cabinet with a table extension that folds back over the base of the machine creating a tidy, little table. Glory has a machine with this type cabinet design. I picked my machine cabinet up at a second-hand store years after being graciously gifted the machine by a family member.

The more I have used my machine, the more meticulous I have become about keeping it clean. I keep canned air on hand so that I can blow the lint out of the underside where the bobbin carriage is located. When I know I won’t be using it for an extended time, I will cover it to keep it dust free, but my machine can’t be hidden inside the cabinet.

Since moving my sewing machine into my dining room, I decided I wanted to create a more attractive way to cover it than just using the clear, plastic cover I purchased at a fabric store. As soon as I finished my kleenex box cover, I decided to sew a very similar style cover. Stack of material

My favorite fabric is medium to lightweight upholstery fabric. I have stacks of this in my stash in every color of autumn that your mind can imagine.

I’m really not much of a sewing-pattern kind of girl. I don’t sew clothing “from scratch.” I do a lot of reinventing (like this; two shirts into a smock)  and reupholstering of small items. For most of my projects, I prefer to wing it … just eye-ball it and fit things as I go.

For my machine cover, I simply cut my fabric to fit, piecing the cover together outside-out and then flipping the edges inside to sew as I went. I started with the top,  added the back, each side and then finally the front.

Because I love selvedge edges so much, I left them raw and un-hemmed.Selvedge edges! Oh Joy!

I love that the cover helps camouflage my machine as it sits in my dining room. You almost wouldn’t notice this as my sewing area. My dining room/sewing corner

The beauty of the weight of the fabric, the gorgeous, raw selvedge edges and the wonderful melding of patterns
makes this machine cover beautiful to me!Pieced together sewing machine cover. Love.

This is just one more creative endeavor I have tackled that has brought me energy and joy! Sewing Machine Cover

As you begin your weekend, have you considered how to nurture your spirit?
The things that make your heart sing will be different from anyone else.
Get to know yourself.
What catches your eye? What colors? Textures? Smells?
What actions? Creatures? Sounds?
Figure this out and then look for ways to nurture that love and energy.
Find a way to do something that makes you happy!

In reading Ken Robinson’s book, Finding Your Element (seen here) 
Ken shared something that made an impression on me!
We should look for the thing(s) in life that bring us energy and fulfill us.
One way to tell what that might be for you is to ask yourself the question,
“What thing do I do that makes the hours feel like minutes?”
What do you do that you find yourself saying, “What? It’s been two hours?
Where has the time gone?”
For me, time flies by when I am doing something creative.
My greatest passions are sewing, painting and working with paper.
When the time passes quickly, you’re in your element.
When the minutes feel like hours – you are not.
With that in mind, what do you so enjoy that time passes quickly?
That is what you should do to relax and invigorate yourself.
May you find time to do something that brings you great enjoyment this weekend!
And have a beautiful weekend, friends, in whatever you find yourself doing.


God’s Provision for Camping

Do you see Him?
I look.

I watch for God and I see Him.My pottery Angel


I mentioned that Joy encouraged me  several months ago to “Go!” and “Do!”
I signed up for a camping trip,
but I just wasn’t sure how I would finance it.
Money is tight and I couldn’t run out and buy everything I needed.
I needed
– a single-person tent
– a sleeping mat (as a buffer between the cold ground and my sleeping bag)
– a lighter weight sleeping bag (easier on the back when carrying a long distance)
– a filtering-water bottle (because you can’t carry 36 hours worth of water in your backpack)
– convertible pants
– hiking boots that I could comfortably hike in for two full days.
These things can easily add up to several hundred dollars.

Even though I had no idea HOW these things would come to me,
I signed up for the trip in faith
and watched for provision.
If they didn’t come, I would bow out at the eleventh hour
and assume that God didn’t want me on the trip.

I have to say that I felt a kind of urgency in going on this trip. I’ve wanted to take an overnight, backpacking trip for years and years. Several years ago, I shared that dream with Stone. He told me that we would take a trip like that … but we parted ways before it came to fruition. I can’t go on a trip like this ALONE. And I don’t have many friends …. ANY friends that camp like this. So, when one was posted on one of my Meet Up groups, I knew it was now or … who knows when?

So, I signed up in faith
and waited to see how things puzzle-pieced together.

I had a borrowed backpack. It belongs to Glory. We picked it up at a yard sale for $2 several years ago. This style – with an external frame – is not really popular any more, but I saw great benefit in using it. It helped distribute the weight inside well. It sat up off my back a little bit so it was not as hot as  backpack-style gear. And, of course, I loved the price. My backpack at home

I remembered about two weeks before the trip that I had two options for a tent that might possibly pan out. I gave away a small pup tent several years ago.  I called the person I believed I had gifted the tent to see if I could borrow it. I also loaned our larger tent to a friend and her family a while back. I contacted them to see if they could return it. I was considering cutting that large tent and sewing it into a single-person version. I wasn’t sure if I could pull this off … but I really wanted to go on this trip.

When the couple showed up with the tent several days later, we stood in the driveway to catch up. We chatted for quite a while before they asked me about the camping trip I was planning. I told them of my idea to convert the big tent into a smaller one. Jocelyn asked, “Well, how much does a tent like that cost?” I explained it could run between $30-$50.00 I had done a little research on Amazon to get prices. Little did I know a lighter weight, small tent is much more … especially in a local, brick-and-mortar store.

We finished talking and my friend and her family left ….
only to return about thirty minutes later to put two $20.00 bills in my hand
with a hug and a squeeze.
“Enjoy your trip,” she said as she dashed away.
I’ve learned not to refuse God.
I was so blessed to receive this gift!
“One step closer,” I thought! “Praise you, Lord!”

When I stopped by my other friend’s house, she had a tent in her front yard. It was drying out from a camping trip a week earlier. It was actually lighter weight than the pup tent that I had given away a few years ago.  They happily loaned their tent to me. And they had a sleeping mat, as well! My tent beside Panther Creek, Clarkesville, GA

So, I still needed a water filtering system.

I was surprised at how expensive they were. They average between $59.-$125.00. I did lots of price comparisons and settled on this $30.00 option from Cabelas. Aquamira Filtering Water Bottle

As I walked in the store on Sunday, I was one of the first 100 customers in the store
and I was handed a gift card
for $10.00. Thanks Cabelas!

I teared up
and almost broke down in sobs.
Really? Cash? AND a gift card?

I had a backpack, a tent and a water-filtration system.
I had an answer (that I wrote about here)  for how to make the hiking boots I already owned work for me.
And I found a way to buy a pair of pants that should have cost me $45.00 …. for only $30.00. (I wrote about that here)
I also learned (here)  how to pack my backpack in a way that it was so light that carrying a more heavy, older sleeping bag wasn’t a burden at all.
Everything I needed had been provided in some way.

You know what I am really, truly enjoying about divorce?
I don’t look to my husband for provision.
I have always looked to God …
but I’ve looked to God T.H.R.O.U.G.H  the filter of my spouse.
Since that “go-between” has been removed,
I am no longer distracted.
And I’m so much more at ease.
It might not have worked for me to camp.
I would have been sad, but not devastated.
If I couldn’t do, I would have assumed that God didn’t want me on that trip …
and I would have been okay with it.

But, I watched Him piece it all together for me.
He offered me adjustments in a few areas,
loans in other places
and outright gifts for other needs.

As I walked those trails
and looked at His glory in creation,
I knew I was supposed to be there
soaking it all in ….. enjoying every moment,
because He had made a way.Panther Creek, Clarkesville, GA

What a blessing.
What a gift.

Watch for Him today – this week – this month.
Follow your heart.
When doors close, don’t be angry. Maybe it is protection of some sort?
Yet, when doors open and provision comes along,
walk through those doors
and bask in His provision and glory.

Autumn hues in the North Georgia mountains



Makes Me Happy Monday : Kitchen Towels

I’m a little particular about my kitchen towels.
I don’t really care for the type made from looped cotton fabric that feels like a bath towel.
I like my kitchen towels to be made of cotton with a smooth finish like that of a flour sack or a heavy cotton shirt.Plentiful fabric

Over the last year, I’ve been taking scraps of fabric that coordinate in color and are full of rich pattern
and putting them together to create my own kitchen towels.
Sometimes, I begin with the base of a well-made cloth napkin.
They are just the right weight to withstand repeated washing and handling. Hand sewn kitchen towels

To most, I have added a bit of twill tape with a saying stamped upon it.
Because …. words! I love words! Hand sewn kitchen towel

This one is one of my favorites!
It’s a bit wonky looking … which is probably the reason that I love it so!
It’s created with one of my dad’s discarded  shirts that I plucked from my mom’s yard sale pile
and a home-made tablecloth from a fabulous patterned fabric that I picked up secondhand.
No tucked neat edges on this baby! I like that it has gently raveled through continued use.
Hand sewn kitchen towel
I love to add a little lace,
an antique button,
and a whimsical combination of zig-zag and straight stitching.

Hand sewn kitchen towels

I guess we can set our sights on finding happiness when we reach great, big goals.
We can put all of our energy and expectation into those turning out “just right”
Or we can find joy in the daily .. the everyday … the beautifully common.
I treasure a comfortable coffee cup,
light and shadow inching across the living room
and simple, colorful hand towels that encourage me to be “happy”
as I go about my daily duties.

What about you?
What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?

Pocket Envy

As I was getting things together for my overnight backpacking trip to Panther Creek Falls, I knew that the best way to dress for the weekend would be to wear zip-off pants. They provide a pants-to-shorts option in dressing that just makes sense when you’re trying to travel light. My oldest used to have a pair about ten years ago, but I wasn’t sure if they are still made. I know I don’t see them worn at the mall or the grocery store … so I wasn’t sure if I could find a pair. But, in my store-hopping adventures from Cabela’s to Gander Mountain to Waldens as I prepared for the trip,  I saw that they are still popular (for outdoor enthusiasts, anyway) … though, now they are called Convertible Nylon Pants.  whatever. 

Our Meet Up Hiking Group

I found them in both a men’s and a women’s cut. I tried on both styless.
They fit very similarly … except the women’s pair was more fitted through the rear with a slightly lower, fitted waistband.
But, the big difference?
Look at the pockets!
Women get this prissy, little pocket that is 1/3 smaller than the men’s gracious side pocket
that actually e.x.p.a.n.d.s and has room for STUFF!
And the front pocket is much more shallow, as well. The men’s side pocket is deep and roomy.
When the bottoms are zipped off, the women’s shorts are longer than the men’s version.

Zip Off Pocket Styles Men's vs Women's

Evidently, m.o.s.t women are willing to pay more for a pair of convertible pants than men are willing to pay
because the women’s pair is $15.00 more than men’s pair.
So, men get better pockets for $15.00 less money?
Well … I’m not “most women.”  I’m going with the better pockets for less money!

Zip Off Prices Men's vs Women's

Men that wear size small also have legs that are shorter than mine
so I let out the hem on my pants and added a strip of trim so I had additional length.

Adding length to my pants

This is Tom, our event coordinator. As a coordinator, he plans outings and takes the responsibility for the trip’s destination and schedule. Just before we left, he read the trail cautions and safety tips. I adore this guy. While he’s a great leader, he is also a “go-with-the-flow” kind of person.  He makes allowance for different personality temperaments and just makes each event enjoyable and comfortable.
Tom Maresh

I noticed while we were on a snack and rest break
–  and his side pockets were right in my line of vision because I was sitting down panting resting
and he was still standing -
that he had awe.some pockets … even cooler than those on my man-version cargo pants!
I now have full-fledged “pocket envy.”
His pockets were double pockets!
And his pants even had labeled zippers
so he knew which zipped-off pants leg bottom
went on which leg.
Yeah. I thought that was pretty awesome.
I just marked mine with a sharpie. Now I have "pocket envy"

While I was packing my pack, I thought about how much I have changed in the last few years since my divorce. I always wanted to please my husband. Now, I don’t have to worry about that.  I am much more adventurous than I have ever been. One way I am braver is I have realized that I can change almost anything. I can modify my vehicle. I can remodel a piece of furniture. I can change a pair of pants to work for me when they were designed for someone else. I even changed a purchased piece of artwork not too long ago. I loved the piece …  BUT it had pink in the sky. I chose to change the sky to a color that worked in my home and, oh how I love the change. Now, it feels like it fits into my house with ease. I’m finding that I feel a confidence and ease at changing things to my liking without fear of upsetting someone. It’s a really good feeling.
My hiking boots and altered pants hem

Altering my pants was one more energizing, empowering thing that I have done for myself lately.
What can you do to energize and empower yourself this weekend?
Carve out some time to do something that nourishes your soul. It will help next week be a better week!
Have a great weekend, friend!


The Beauty in the Treacherous

It has been several years since I have been camping. Money has been tight. A dependable vehicle has been elusive. And parenting alone means you struggle with leaving your child(ren) at home. Thankfully, I have older children who help with the youngest. And it was actually the youngest who said to me, “Mom. You need to do something  for yourself. Go out. Camp. Go see a movie. Ride your bike. Do s.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g for you.”

So, that day, about four months ago, I turned notifications back on to a Meet-Up group that I used to play with.
And that same day, I signed up for a camping trip. Wildflowers along the Panther Creek Trail


I have always wanted to go on an overnight, backpacking camping trip. But, I certainly can’t go alone. And I wouldn’t take my youngest without first getting some experience.

The Meet Up group offered just the experience that I needed.
Panther Creek, Clarkesville, GA

I met with the group about a week before the trip. We sat at the outdoor table downtown on the sidewalk at Soy Noodle and discussed things we needed to pack and things we didn’t, what to expect and the plans for the weekend.

I took notes and paid close attention to lessons like ….
Pack your clothes inside large ziploc bags. It will keep them dry if we get rained upon and will keep sweat from soaking through the backpack into them. I found it also kept them dry from the condensation inside the tent overnight. That was super advice.

They also mentioned that hiking boots were important. I have a fairly new pair that are about three years old, but have been seldom worn. They have not been comfortable.My hiking boots

One of the guys suggested wearing them every chance possible between that night and the trip. I took the to heart and found that each day I wore them, they became more comfortable. Several times on the hike, my ankle turned one way as my leg went another.  I firmly believe that wearing those boots on the trip saved my ankle from a painful  injury. 
Panther Creek Falls, Clarkesville, GA

Packing as light as possible was really good advice.
I really wanted to buy a lighter weight sleeping bag for the trip. Backpacking sleeping bags can weigh as little as under two pounds! But, we already own around five sleeping bags so I couldn’t justify buying another one! The $75. price tag that I found on the CHEAPEST lightweight bag just seemed like too much to pay when we already had a shelf full of similar equipment. In the end, the excellent advice on how to pack light (like wearing the same pants in that I wore out on the second day) was pivotal to keeping my pack light. My already-owned sleeping bag weighed a five full pounds, but I packed light enough that it wasn’t a big deal.

So, we left Augusta around 7am Saturday morning and arrived at Panther Creek Falls in Clarkesville, Georgia around 11:00.Our hiking crew

We hiked in on a trail around three and a half miles and set up camp beside the creek.My tent beside Panther Creek, Clarkesville, GA

We arrived and set up around 3:30 in the afternoon and had several hours to explore, eat, and rest before sundown. A few of the others brought along camp stoves, but I chose to eat food that didn’t require cooking. I brought along cashews, granola bars, tuna in a pouch, a small delicious loaf of whole grain bread, cheese and pickles. And I brought powdered coffee creamer for the morning.Morning coffee

I knew I didn’t want to leave my morning warm-coffee ritual back at home. My backpack at home

(Looking at my backpack above, you see; a sleep mat at the top, a {brightly colored} pillow in the middle and my tent in the bag at the bottom. The sleeping bag is on the outside of the pack and the ziplocs hold my pjs, food and clothes for the second day. My filtering water bottle is sitting upright at the far left. It weighed around 20-25 lbs)

A little fire to keep us warm after sundownAfter we arrived, the trip coordinator and our guide, got a great fire going. We sat around talking until I finally wilted and headed into my tent to snuggle up and rejuvenate for the next day. DSC09724

Surprisingly, though we were at least around 45 degrees that night, I didn’t really get cold. The mat underneath me blocked the cold air from coming into my sleeping bag. I wore double socks and flannel with a hoodie to sleep. I also brought along a hat. While I did find that I woke up several times in the night, I stayed warm and toasty. One of the only photos that proves that I actually went on this trip - a tent selfieAs the sun crested up over the hillside behind us, it slowly brought warmth back into the valley. It was a beautiful sight to watch it creep down the mountainside and illuminate the trees and then the creek. Sun coming up over the ravineI really expected to have more trouble keeping up. The men were all in their mid-forties making Sandra and I were the oldest in the group. I was sore Sunday morning, but all the guys were stiff, too, so I felt a bit proud that I hung in with them well.

Andre and I often brought up the rear.  He stopped to talk to every passerby.Andre talking to a group

And I took photos while he chatted. Beautiful mushroom
We made a perfect caboose combination.
Panther Creek Trail

As we walked, one thing I thought about was how narrow  … and even treacherous  …. the path was along much of the way.Panther Creek Hiking Trail
While there was a reprieve from time to time
with nice wide walking spacePanther Creek Hiking Trail, Clarkesville, GA
that was comfortable and easy,  Panther Creek Trail along Panther Creek in Clarkesville, GAmuch of the trail teetered narrowly on a ledge.Looking down from the trail
A stumble, trip or mis-step could easily land you 20-50 feet (or more) below.

And what stood out to me was how rooty we found the trail.
It is an obviously heavily traveled path.
While the exposed tree roots offer great risk of being stumbling blocks …

Roots along the trailthey also offered a foothold.
Often, I found myself strategically placing my feet between the roots
and using them to steady my next step,
especially when climbing
and on the more narrow sections of the trail.
So, in truth, they were a double-edged sword.Climbing

There were times when walking across smooth rocks
that offered no resistance and often appeared  slick and polished
felt much more risky and uncertain
than when you once again found yourself
with those uneven, tricky roots underfoot.

So, in reality ….


Exposed  roots COULD be a stumbling block to cause you to trip …..
or  provide a reliable stepping stone to your next, more steady position. 

In reality, how you viewed those roots
had to do with your personal perspective.
And I thought about how true this is in our lives.

Looking for parallels in the spiritual physical world ....

This is a spiritual/physical parallel
of how we view life’s difficulties.
As the path of life turns and dips
with the valleys and hills that unfold before us,
we will find things happen that we can view as a hindrance
or stepping blocks
to whatever comes next.
We can be totally surprised by the new distraction or difficulty.
We can bellyache and be frustrated that there is a tangled, mess in life in front of us.
OR  … we can expect the unexpected.
We can know that life is going to happen and it won’t always be easy.
And we can use those tangled roots in our path to give us better footing
as we strengthen our legs,
take a deep breath
and get stronger with each “next step.”

And those messy roots can take absolutely any shape or form …  like a flat tire, a lost library book, a bounced check, a divorce, a car wreck, a broken arm, a burned dinner, a disgruntled friendship, a spilled cup of coffee on a new bedspread, a broken lawnmower, a wayward son, a positive diagnosis, a speeding ticket, a split seam in a dress while you’re away from home, a broken phone screen, a sentence taken out of context and used against you in your absence, a heart attack, a lost job, a revoked license, a tree limb through your roof, an angry daughter, a sideswiped plan, a friend who turns out to be a Sociopath, a lost job, weeds in your grass, an unanswered prayer, a computer crash, a tax hike to take more of your earned money, cobwebs that are out of reach, a setback in recovery, a hole worn in your favorite shoes, a cracked window pane, a lost pet,  ….
Truly ….  the list goes on and on.

The question isn’t whether these things will happen to us,
the question is when … and which ones.
But more importantly, how will we handle them?
Will we become angry and frustrated because these “roots” are in our path
or will be see them as part of the obstacle course of life
that allows us opportunity to grow, increase in agility and balance
and move on to the next thing, stronger than before.Panther Creek, Georgia

I see it all as an adventure.
Yes, I become weary …
but life involves people … and people are messy.
We’re all broken.
We’re all hurting.
And with the right perspective, life offers us opportunity
to love on each other
offer a helping hand
and continue moving … getting stronger as we travel.Autumn color along Panther Creek Trail

The hike was set in a weekend of perfect weather.
The trail offered beautiful explosions of autumn color
among the still green hills.
And as always, the life lessons God shows me along the way
are the most precious of all the gifts involved.

Fall color - Maple Leaf

Makes Me Happy Monday : Snail Mug

My super lovely friend, Elizabeth Collins,  lives in Madison, Georgia and plays with clay for a living.
One of the creations that she is known for
is the mermaids she crafts from clay and adorns with shells, copper and found objects. Elizabeth Collins' clay Mermaid


She and her equally talented friend, Chuck Hanes,  do their magic with clay, glaze, found objects and a very, very hot oven
here in this fabulous space. Elizabeth's studio

I was totally enamored with these precious little vases that Elizabeth made. Adding a magnet allows them to hang on a fridge. Gluing on a pin allows them to be a boutonnière base.  Aren’t they just gorgeous? Can’t you just imagine them filled with a small rose and baby’s breath, a fall leaf and pinecone or a pair of feathers and wildflowers and mounted upon the lapel of a groom and groomsmen? I can!
A few of Elizabeth's tiny clay vases - size reference: the little brown one is about the size of a quarter

I’ve mentioned before (here ) how much I like snails and slugs. When I saw Chuck post some of their clay snails on Facebook, I chimed in on the comment feed that I wanted one. They gave me a few (like this one that I painted), but I didn’t know that they are also creating mugs with the sweet creatures!

This beautiful little mug was a gift from Chuck and Elizabeth. To be honest, I am not sure which of the two of them created it. I think, on some of their ventures, their creations are a joint effort. And I’ve noticed that they do a “joint efforts” really well. They are both relaxed about most everything in life. Whatever they are doing, they give it a good “best shot,” but they don’t let their feathers get too ruffled if something goes awry. I really admire that balance. They make a very good team. Clay Snail MugI love the shape of this mug. It has just the right curves for your hand.

And that sweet little guy perched up on the edge? Well …  could he BE any cuter?
I’m pretty sure he’s in position to keep an eye on the beverage in the mug.

Clay Snail MugAnd while snapping these photos,
I even noticed that he has a kitty-cat silhouette!
Look at the reflection in the coffee inside the mug!!
That made me giggle! Clay Snail MugI‘m so thankful for little things
that bring great joy
like friendships that are easy,
hot coffee on a cool morning
and a mug with a snail made of clay.

What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

Smock Protection

When I was in Goodwill recently, I came across two oversized women’s shirts that were the same style and cloth pattern, but different colors.  I loved the paisley and the fact that there were several different patterns on each garment. Look at that pretty floral tucked under the collar! What a sweet surprise! Multiple patterns - AND paisley! Yay!

And just LOOK at those pretty cuffs! *swoon*

Wonderful Liz Claiborne shirtsFor just a few dollars a piece, I knew I could use them for something.

Even if I cut them up and used them just for the fabric in some pieced together project, I knew they would make something wonderful. The fact that they were both very large was just an extra-fabric bonus.Liz Claiborne

Everything I own seems to be dabbled in paint. I have a little sliver of paint on every nightgown I own. My bathrobe has a spot of brown on the cuff. My favorite shorts have paint in several places. It gets everywhere …. even on things like my cutting/sewing board … which is not a good thing. One smear was enough for me to make some more intentional decisions about how close I allow paint to be to things that are special, antique or sentimental. Paint Splatters

And when my favorite dress ended up with a splash?  I remembered elementary school. Paint gets every.where

Do you remember when you were a child and you were asked to take one of your dad’s old dress shirts to school to protect your clothing from paint during art? (Those were the days when art was still valued and incorporated into school days.) As I urgently scrubbed brown paint off the front of my favorite dress, I thought about those two Liz Claiborne shirts and decided I needed to make a smock.

Since my sewing machine is now in an easy-to-get-to spot,My sewing space ...

I quickly cut apart the shirts and rearranged parts so that the two large shirts became one oversized smock that will easily cover almost every gown and always cover all short-sleeved shirts and shorts. I used the cuffs to add a little interest creating a false empire bodice at the waist. I cut off the sleeves and opened them up. They were used with the body of the green shirt to create the skirt at the bottom of the smock. The placket of the green shirt was added at the bottom of the placket of the coral shirt to give a continuous opening down the front of the smock.  My oversized smock/dress

I’ll have to admit that my youngest walked in from school and said, “Uhm….. you know you’re not allowed to wear that to the mall, right?” But, around the house to keep me from splashing paint on every article of clothing that own? That is acceptable.

I added a hook to a nook in bedroom. The hope is that I will see the smock hanging there and be encouraged to put it on more often.

My bedroom corner

This project took me an hour or so and will save so many articles of clothing from being demoted to “paint clothes.” It’s really a small thing, but it is another way that made time to do something creative. It feeds my soul and makes my life richer. And this particular project will prompt me to paint even more!

As the weekend approaches, I encourage you to carve out some time for yourself. Do something that makes your life richer. Nourish your soul with something enjoyable to give you energy for the week that will begin on Monday. This weekend, I’ll be camping deep in the woods. And this weekend, the woods should be beautiful! This will be the first time I’ve been inside a tent or on a trail in over two and a half years. It’s been way too long. I think my heart might just break wide open with joy! And, to be honest, I fear that I may not sleep well tonight because I am going to be so excited about tomorrow. What a splendid fear to anticipate.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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