How are things progressing?

I tell people, he’s such a good guy. I tell them how wonderful he is … I tell HIM how wonderful he is.

Because he is.
But, it’s more than that … more specific than one adjective can describe.

He is a good guy
f.o.r me.

We are well fitted in many aspects. We are compatible. We compliment each.
Our personal strengths and weaknesses work together in an excellent, healthy balance.

I often find myself apologizing
because I talk about Stone
a lot.
Alas, my poor friends …
because I must work to keep my conversations from circling back around to him
and Him …. all He,
my God,
is doing in my life.

In a recent conversation, a friend asked, “So, how is your relationship progressing?”

I hesitated.

“progressing”  ……

I gave it a moment  …
that word not setting well in my spirit …
and replied, “I don’t like the word “progressing.”
Progressing says “movement” or that Stone and I are “going somewhere.” While it’s true, no healthy relationship should be stagnant and still,

I am cautious of movement in a.n.y direction …
in part, because where we “are” is such a good place to be.

I searched my mind for a metaphor and thought about swimming.
“Progressing” says that we are swimming across the ocean. I have stepped into the sea and I am making my way from Georgia across the Atlantic ocean towards Europe. There was a departure
and will be an arrival.
Progressing implies … a start and an end.
With this swim in mind, the focus is dual: on making sure that I swim well so I make it safely to the other side … alive
on the goal – walking up onto distant shore.

This is not where I am living.
This is not my perspective.

My friendship with Stone
is more like enjoying a swim in a wonderfully designed swimming pool.
The water is a fabulous temperature. It is cool and refreshing. It quenches me from within. The sun warms my skin and supples me from without. The summer air is sublime. The pool is beautifully constructed with a small fountain that adds ambiance and revitalizing sound and motion. It keeps the water fresh as it is filtered. It keeps the pool from becoming stagnant, should no others come to stir the waters and keep the water in motion.  There is gorgeous landscaping that fills the eye with green to compliment the blue in the water and sky. The natural stone accents add dimension and texture for the eye to enjoy. The pool is huge … large enough for many swimmers … lots of fellowship … yet, I can swim for exercise to build muscle. And there are pocket seats nestled around the pool’s edge for resting. There are life guards close by for instruction in technique, if desired, and, of course, for rescue, should help be needful. Can you picture it? This place is a place to linger and enjoy. This place
is a good place.

As the parallel came to mind, I thought of the quote
Life is a journey ….

not a destination.

This is where I am. I am not swimming furiously towards a goal, fretting about training, strength, energy, dehydration, being sideswiped by a faster swimmer, attacked by a shark or overtaken by waves.  I am not focused on “there” … so I can arrive and celebrate  … have my muscles massaged, refuel, hydrate and rest up and begin training for the next event. No. I am swimming in a pool at a spa that was hand chosen by my Heavenly Father.  I do not want to “progress” in the waters of time that I might arrive at some final destination.

I just want to be right here
right now
enjoying the swim, the waters and the surroundings

It’s a good place to be
and I’m quite thankful for this perspective.

2 thoughts on “How are things progressing?

  1. Your post called up this prayer:

    My Lord God,

    I have no idea where I am going
    I do not see the road ahead of me.
    I cannot know for certain where it will end.

    Nor do I really know myself,
    And the fact that I think I am following
    your will does not mean that I am
    actually doing so.

    But I believe that the desire to please
    you does in fact please you.
    And I hope that I have that desire in all
    that I am doing.
    And I know that if I do this, you
    will lead me by the right road
    though I may know nothing about it.

    Therefore will I trust you always
    though I may seem to be lost
    and in the shadow of death, I will
    not fear, for you are ever with me
    and you will never leave me
    to face my perils alone.

    Thomas Merton.


    1. Dearest Birdie,

      “Nor do I really know myself,
      And the fact that I think I am following
      your will does not mean that I am
      actually doing so.

      But I believe that the desire to please
      you, does in fact, please you.”

      Such true words …
      and I do, in fact, cling to the knowledge that, s.u.r.e.l.y? …. the desire of my heart
      – as tainted and faltering and full of filth that it can be –
      is seen as pure and clean in His eyes through Christ’s blood?
      And I do so yearn to please Him … though I am stronger
      more intentional
      closer to Him
      on some days
      than others.

      Thank you for sharing the poem. ‘Tis beautiful.



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