Makes Me Happy Monday : Mushrooms

Isn't he beautiful?

The other day, as I rolled around in the grass in the front yard taking photos of Glory, I  stood to find that I had dislodged this sweet little fella. Oh, he was so pretty….. perfect in form… with roots still attached.

Beautiful fungi

With camera already in hand,
my natural inclination was to photograph him.
He’s the tiniest little 1970’s perfect form of a fungus.

One by one, I stood before my children whispering about the handiwork of God found in this little fungus.  My seventeen year old smiled and said, “I love you, Mom.”  My nineteen year old chuckled as tears filled my eyes and I gushed over such a beautiful little gift.Putting things into perspective

As I showed the photo to other people, I realized how large the mushroom looked in comparison to its real size. So, the next morning, I took a shot of the mushroom in my hand. He had begun to shrivel a bit, but you can see that he was tiny!

It’s an odd statement to say “mushrooms make me happy.” I love their interesting shapes, their beautiful colors of brown, gold and coral.  I love the fairy rings some form, with the ring growing larger each year as evidence of its age.  I love the way mushrooms smell and the velvety tenderness of their smooth caps.  They are just beautiful and fascinating to me.

Mushrooms definitely bring me joy.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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