Makes Me Happy Monday: My Art Space

It’s odd that I dislike clutter and messes …
yet my art space is FULL.
I utilize every inch of space so that all my collecting is contained.
My art space is a stark contrast to the rest of my home
where you’ll find few knick-knacks and dust catchers.

Our living room My art room is orderly with like-things grouped together:
scissors, paper, stamps, found objects, ephemera,
paint, frames, ribbon, fabric … and more.
And what would be my “open wall space” is an inspiration line
filled with magazine tear outs, memorabilia and collected scraps of paper.

My art table The more time I spend here,
the more I realize how much I need to create
and enjoy the rich rewards of its pleasure.

My art space I’ve often felt embarrassed by all my craft stuff … because it seemed like “too much” in the eyes of some.
But, having spent some time with other creatives like my friend, Elizabeth, who is a potter
and my friend Gina, who is a painter and shop owner,
I realize that my space looks like other artist’s spaces;  f.u.l.l, busy and wonderfully inspiring.

Art spaceThis is the first place I go in the morning. It’s where I watch TED videos while I make cards or work on some parts of the process in creating mixed media work. It’s where I am choosing to work through Danielle’s book The Desire Map.

Paper Tiles on Stair Risers

It is the room that dons my paper stair tiles.

My art desk
And it is where I feel most inspired.

My art space is a place that is specifically and distinctly mine
and it brings me great joy.
What about you?
Where do you feel most yourself?
What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?

4 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday: My Art Space

  1. Your art room thrills me! Remember the white space talks we have had? There is obviously some part of you that resonates with this idea of filling up all (or most) of the white space.


    1. BUT … I ONLY fill my white space in my creative spaces. Everywhere else there needs to be breathing room. But, then again, I even lined my hall with artwork so maybe I’m delusional. lol


  2. I wish I had all of my craft/artsy stuff in one room! It’s spread out right now, but I am so thankful that you have what you have……since I love to borrow from you! “giggle, giggle”


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