No longer a threat

He’s had to handle more wood lately
than he would prefer.

When we first looked at our house, this pine tree was green and healthy. When we closed on the house a few months later, pine post beetles had taken its life. Its needles were brown. Slowly, it lost all of its needles and then its bark. In the last six months, it had begun to lean.

I’ve done a great deal of praying over and for trees of late.
I’ve prayed to find one.
I have prayed “thanks” for gifts from one.
And I have prayed   for healing from the damage caused by one.

This pine? I have prayed that … when it falls …. it would NOT fall on someone’s home. It was tall enough that it could have easily done great damage to “the party room” (our mother-in-law suite).  And I wasn’t absolutely sure, but I thought it might possibly be lofty enough to land on a neighbor’s house.  In its glory, it might have been tall enough to hit the deck attached to our backdoor neighbor’s house, but, as it has lost needle and limb, I now realize that its stature wasn’t quite to venture out of our own yard.

After years of being a threat,
she’s finally down.

We’ve had about two weeks of windy March weather intertwined with rain and storms. I guess she finally became so water-logged and heavy that a medium wind toppled her.

And, praise God, the only damage she did was to our neighbor’s fence which will be easy to repair.

To be honest, I will pine for her lost standing and remember her sweet presence in our yard.  Being a lone, tall tree towering over the canopy of other greenery around meant that she was often a springtime home to woodpecker babies. And our neighborhood Red-Shouldered Hawk was often seen lighting upon her bare limbs that reached into the azure. Both Pileated and Red-Headed Woodpeckers dined on delicacies that made a home in her timber.

I know that it isn’t healthy for other trees when a pine is overcome with beetles. But, the cost to fell her body was over $1,500. No amount of saving effort allowed us to make it all the way to that goal before some other pressing need popped up to usurp that money.

So, I just prayed.

And James continues to be his amazing-self. He is my son not my husband, yet does the things that a man of the house should do. He steps up to the plate and does what needs to be done. There are many tasks that I can take on, but wielding a chainsaw is NOT one of them.  James has been in the yard several days now, cutting, moving and hauling away this tremendous tree.

Thanks, James, for being awesome.
And thank you, Lord, that this pine is safely down.
I guess, in T.H.I.S case, (as opposed to THIS one) I prayed “specifically enough.”

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