Sewing Space & Chest ReVamp

Some time ago, I moved my sewing machine from the corner where it was tucked in my art space to my dining room.

My sewing space ...

I use my dining table as a work surface when I sew curtains and work on other large projects. Running back and forth from the sewing machine in the art space to the dining table to the kitchen where I had my ironing board set up just seemed to waste SO much time. So, I brought everything together into one area.  The natural light from the window just makes this perfect and the hardwood floor makes a dropped pin *ping* so I can quickly retrieve it … rather than searching through carpet to save myself from impaling my foot. I LOVE this set up.

I needed a small chest of drawers to store thread, scissors and notions so I brought in a little cabinet that Glory left behind when she moved. It was painted this fresh, neon green that went well in her room. (You can see more of her old room here.) It matched her accent wall. But, it clashed loudly with everything in the rest of the house.My sewing nook

So, I layered color-upon-color to take it from her Vibrant, Funky Teen style
to my Natural, Relaxed Outside-comes-Inside style.

I used a medium brown base layer, the same ivory as my walls as a second layer and lastly, a soft dry-brush layer of medium brown on top. It turned out just the way I envisioned it and it fits so comfortably in my house.

Years ago, when I painted it bright green for Glory, I spray painted the handles silver. Using a fine sandpaper, I lightly sanded some of that silver away revealing the brass underneath. This rough-and-tumble style goes well with the rest of the chest and fits perfectly with the rest of my furniture.

And last, I tucked patterned paper away on the sides of the drawers as a peek-a-boo surprise when you open the drawers.

Roughed up handles

At .25-.59 a piece when purchased on sale, the paper was just a few dollars total. I have plenty of paper and oodles of scraps  and the paint was just left over from other projects … so I didn’t actually have to spend any money to complete this project.

Decoupaged drawer edges

So, here is a before and after.

Before and After Sewing Cabinet

I love the way the space looks now.My sewing space - a easy triangle of activity

I love how it feels. And I appreciate that I can sew in a place that is bright with everything close at hand.

Yes. Those are bird feathers on the floor beside the bird cage. And I didn't edit them out ... because real life is rarely neat and tidy to view.

The best part about space may be that
I can put away the ironing board, cover my machine
and you’d never know area is used as anything other than a dining room.

My dining room

This was a quick Saturday project. Creativity feeds my soul and gives me energy. What do you enjoy? Can you find a way to work that into your weekend? Can you find a project or activity that would soothe you and bring you joy? Figure out what boosts your spirit and make a way to do some of that this weekend.

You know, it’s not a selfish thing? When you feed your spirit, you’re loving yourself and strengthening your being. And when you’re a stronger, more emotionally happy person, you bless those around you. I hope you can find a way to make time for something beautiful this weekend or some time during this next week.

2 thoughts on “Sewing Space & Chest ReVamp

  1. Love this Karen. I’m rejuvenated as well doing something crafty, but feel I don’t have time. So now I’m encouraged by you to just enjoy life in the way God has put me together!


  2. I TOTALLY understand the feeling of not having the time. I hope you can figure out a way to carve out some time though. If 15-30 minutes spent crafting gives us more energy and improves our outlook, then it is well invested.
    Have a beautiful weekend!


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