My Magpie Christmas Tree Skirt

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to make a Christmas tree skirt.
But, every year, I end up throwing a red table-cloth around the base of our tree
and thinking I’ll get around to it during the proverbial “next year.”

Since my machine and fabric are now so handy and oft used,
one afternoon a week or two ago, I decided to see if I couldn’t throw together a skirt
for this year!

In the same vein as many of my recent projects
that are “Magpie-put-together” with lots of collected fabrics
(like the kleenex box cover, the sewing machine cover and my jacket embellishment)
I wanted to use multiple fabric patterns to make this a little more interesting. Christmas Tree Skirt pattern

I drew a quick circle
and folded it in “paper snowflake cutting” style.
I needed 12 identical pieces plus one more for an overlap closure.

I began cutting fabric pieces knowing I wanted a little overlap at the back. So, I cut thirteen triangles.

Then I just started knitting those babies together with straight and zigzag stitches.

Christmas Tree Skirt - in a Magpie design

Oh my goodness! This took NO time … because I was intentional in trying to use a little speed (which is totally contrary to my nature).

Christmas Tree Skirt - in a Magpie design

I added a little extra fabric – a collar, if you will, around the neck for extra durability.  I made sure to overlap every join to give it some strength.

Christmas Tree Skirt - in a Magpie design

I added a few touches here and there to embellish …
with little squares, a tiny doily and buttons.

Christmas Tree Skirt - in a Magpie design

Here she is in her full glory! She’s perfect for our eclectic home!

Christmas Tree Skirt - in a Magpie design
I think I’ll try a multi-patterned stocking for myself next. I’m the only one without a stocking this year.

Christmas Tree Skirt - in a Magpie design

As our weekend nears, I encourage you to find something to do with your time that will invigorate and energize you. I’m finding the more I create, the more I WANT to create. I am enjoying it SO much. It gives me so much energy and brings me such joy. What does the same for you? I encourage you to figure that out … and carve out time to DO it. It’s NOT selfish, it’s self-care!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


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